Richard F. Karuhn

Richard F. Karuhn
President Emeritus

Richard F. Karuhn is the President Emeritus of Particle Technology Labs.  In this capacity, he provides leadership and guidance to PTL on matters of strategic technical importance. Richard founded Particle Technology Labs in 1992; PTL is the first known independent contract fine particle laboratory in the United States.

A 45-year veteran and pioneer of particle characterization, Richard holds 8 patents and has published 35 times, provided expert witness testimony, and presented lectures to industrial groups on fine particle technology. With Iowa State University’s Dr. John Keith Beddow, Richard is co-author of the book Particle Characterization In Technology, Volume I.

Richard received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from DePaul University in 1971, at which time he was an Associate Chemist for the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute (IITRI). During a six-year period at IITRI, Richard was trained in fine particle technology by industry notables such as Drs. Brian Kaye and Reg Davies.

Prior to joining IITRI, Richard was engaged for many years in synthetic and analytical organic chemistry for the Velsicol Chemical Corporation. In the fifteen years following his tenure at IITRI, he held the position of Laboratory Director for Particle Data Laboratories (PDL).   While at PDL, Richard contributed to the advancement of particle technology by further developing and innovating methods surrounding the electric sensing zone technique and instrumentation.

Richard is affiliated with the following organizations:

Past Chairman, ASTM E-29 02 Committee on Subseive Testing

Former Member, ASTM E-29 Executive Subcommittee on Subseive Testing

Former Member, ASTM Committee F04 on Implant and Surgical Materials and Devices

American Chemical Society, Instructor, Fine Particle Technology (19 years)

American Industrial Hygiene Association, past member

Executive Committee, Fine Particle Society, past member

Joint Association of Army, Navy, NASA and Air Force (JANNASF) Committee on Propellant Characterization, invited member.

Previous liaison between JANNAF and ASTIM / ISO

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