• Sep 27, 2020
  • Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance
  • By PTL

Choosing Particle Characterization Contract Analysis Services

As more companies and institutions turn to outsourced science for research and development, more options are becoming available for contracted laboratory analysis services. With a wider range of choices, comes a wider range of quality and service. When given a choice, be sure to start with the experts.

PTL is Proud to be a Pioneer in the Contract Analysis Industry.

When new drugs are developed, or new technologies invented, laboratory analysis is a vital step to test or prove the end product. Making sure the end product is safe, effective and successful in the long run depends on the quality of its materials and structure. Detecting any inconsistencies or problems early on is key. Product recall, liability and poor sales due to product inconsistency or poor performance are just some examples of issues that can lead to unrecoverable loss of revenue. Not using an experienced laboratory for analysis services may lead to unimaginable costs.

Choosing a Proven and Reputable Contract Laboratory with Experience and Expertise Should be the Single Most Important Deciding Factor.

PTL has always been a particle characterization research and advisory contract lab. We are a trusted advisor to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, industrial, public sector, and scientific organizations. We have been an important part of the research and development of countless products in many industries including pharmaceuticalenvironmentalpetroleum-chemical, manufacturing, cosmetics, dietary supplements, as well as food and beverage. During this time, we have worked with individuals up to industry giants as they bring their ideas and products to life. Our scope and expansive knowledge of particle technology allow us to provide our clients with precise, comprehensive results. We address problems that no one else can and provide the insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions.

As the scientific industry changes and outsourced laboratories become more prevalent, choosing the right laboratory is vital. At PTL, this has been our only business for over 25 years. Our expertise, commitment to quality and the outstanding customer service we offer is why the world’s leading public and private organizations continue to choose Particle Technology Labs for their contract laboratory analysis needs.

PTL is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, and is a proven cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant laboratory, in accordance with 21 CFR, Parts 11, 210 and 211. Our facility is FDA registered and inspected, hosting over 30 audits per year from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We are DEA licensed and approved to handle schedule II through V controlled substances. We also hold an ATF permit for analyzing pyrotechnic materials.

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