• Apr 20, 2018
  • PTL News
  • By PTL

PTL Celebrates Earth Day 2018

Safe disposal practices, recycling, and green lighting are just a few of the ways PTL works to responsibly protect our environment.

Our newest initiative began at the beginning of this month when PTL made the switch to paperless reporting. PTL completes thousands of analyses each year, and for every analysis, a report is produced. Historically, these reports were printed on paper, put into folders and envelopes and made their way to clients via trucks and planes. To cut down on paper waste and the environmental cost of transporation, PTL final reports are now digitally delivered via a secure online portal. This environmentally friendly delivery system places final reports in our clients’ hands much sooner, with less waste and negative impact on our planet.

On earth day and every day, PTL is striving to help protect our environment while delivering outstanding service and particle characterization results to our clients.

This means when you do business with PTL, you’re greener too.

To learn more about Earth Day, visit the links below.

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