• Mar 29, 2018
  • Customer Service
  • By PTL

PTL Announces Paperless Reporting

Particle Technology Labs is pleased to announce that starting in early April, all final reports will be delivered to our clients digitally using Sharefile®, a file sharing service that securely transfers encrypted documents through an easy to use online portal.

How paperless reporting works.

When your final report is complete, you will receive an email with a link to Sharefile®  where you can log in to view your report instantly. If it is your first time using Sharefile®, you will need to sign up for an account, which is very simple. Just enter your name, company name and email. Once you are signed in, you can download your final report as a PDF document.

Final reports will remain available for download on Sharefile® for thirty days.

Multiple benefits.

PTL is excited to deliver reports faster with a more positive environmental impact, while at the same time continuing to provide outstanding service and particle characterization results to our clients.

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