Employee Recognition

Gina Kahl

Gina Kahl

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Gina Kahl (Particle Characterization Chemist I) with the annual Safety Award for 2020. Gina has not only demonstrated an exceptional safety mindset within the lab, always ensuring that herself and others are safe when handling samples and chemicals, but she has also shown great concern for the safety of all of those in our office and beyond. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gina handmade washable, cloth masks for any PTL staff wanting one, and extended the offer to our loved-ones as well. All of us here at PTL appreciate Gina’s efforts to promote a safe work environment. Congratulations, Gina!

Rebecca Borghi

Rebecca Borghi

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Rebecca Borghi (Particle Characterization Chemist II) with the biannual peer-nominated Exemplary Service Award for 2020. A valued and respected member of the PTL team, Rebecca consistently and diligently works to meet our clients’ needs. She has demonstrated expertise in many techniques and has proven to be a great resource for handling more complex projects in the lab. And through all of this, Rebecca never ceases to be professional and friendly. Her dedication to providing quality results as well as always demonstrating a courteous, hardworking attitude have made Rebecca an indispensable member of the PTL team. Congratulations, Rebecca!

Jackie Balog

Jackie Balog

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Jackie Balog (Particle Characterization Chemist I) with the biannual peer-nominated Exemplary Service Award for 2020. Following a recent transition from our Order Entry department into a position as a chemist in our laboratory, Jackie has proven to be not only adaptable, but capable and highly dependable. Often wearing many hats, Jackie never fails to complete most tasks ahead of deadlines and always ensures care is taken in providing a quality product to our clients, accomplishing every task with analytical integrity and professionalism. Jackie’s resourceful and driven nature have led her to success at PTL and have made her an essential part of the team. Congratulations, Jackie!

Presidents Award

2019/2020 – Farooq Hussain
2018/2019 – Cody Langellier
2017/2018 – Jennifer Maison
2016/2017 – Colin Buckley
2015/2016 – Shane Hill
2014/2015 – Oliver Urbanek, Arnette Schultz
2013/2014 – Eric Olsen, Aubrey Montana

Safety Award

2019 – Katie Carling
2018 – Katie Hallenbeck
2017 – Crystal Reynolds
2016 – Gina Kahl

Exemplary Service Award

April 2019
Debbie Deady
Gina Kahl

October 2019
Abigail Starus
Bethany Sprys

April 2018
Jeff Furger
Bartek Redlinski

October 2018
Maya Navarro
Jakub Strycharz

April 2017
Rebecca Wolfrom
Maggie Zotti

October 2017
Andy Hladilek
Zach McNeil

April 2016
Tammy Munro
Elizabeth Fitzgerald

October 2016
Aaron Langer
Jennifer Rodriguez

April 2015
Michael Vinakos
Gail Collins

October 2015
Jamal Johnson
Debbie Deady

April 2014
Crystal Reynolds
Shane Hill

October 2014
Justin Williams
Alex Alvarez

April 2013
Michael Turano
Jorie Kassel

October 2013
Miranda Garcia
Ryan Keefer