• Jul 1, 2021
  • Customer Service
  • By Kelli Hubert

Blessed. Thankful. These Words are More Than Cliches for a PTL Team Member

Kelli Hubert, Particle Technology Labs’ Customer Service Manager, highly values her work and her colleagues

I can genuinely say that I am blessed to work at Particle Technology Labs and thankful for my coworkers. Without a doubt, I belong here. There are many “why’s” behind these feelings. However, I’d like to highlight three key reasons I’m especially proud of being part of the PTL Team.

1. I celebrated my 25-year work anniversary

September 2020 marked 25 years of working at PTL and being a part of this particle size and characterization world. It has been fun and enriching to work in such a niche industry over the years. It’s been gratifying to play a role in expanding PTL’s capabilities and ensuring results are on time, of a high quality, and deliver true business value to our customers. Over the past 25 years, I have worked alongside many dynamic staff members and communicated with a lot of fantastic clients that make the day-to-day simply a pleasure. I learn something new daily—which is great for me and for our clients. I am proud to bring 25 years of knowledge to those I serve.

2. PTL saved my life—literally

Now it gets a little personal. This past September, the first month I began my 25th year of employment at PTL, my life went sideways. During a break in a team meeting, where I had just spoken, I collapsed. No symptoms, no moment of not feeling well – just collapsed. Luckily, I was found in less than 5 minutes and an ambulance was called. I had endured a ruptured brain aneurysm. Left untreated, it could have led to permanent brain damage or death. I’m certain my coworkers’ quick call to action saved my life. SAVED MY LIFE. Had I been home sleeping, I might never have woken up.

Speaking of being grateful … Let me tell you. You know you can count on your family and close friends to help care for you through a major medical crisis. But your coworkers, team members, and bosses? I have received unbelievable PTL support through this whole ordeal. Tremendous care was extended to me and my family in the form of cards, texts, care packages, meals, and contributions to a fund to offset our medical costs. My customer service team had to ‘run the ship’ without me, but still made time to tell me they thought of my family unit by their gestures received. Touched beyond belief.

In communication with my husband, our President and two Directors never pushed but often checked in, letting me recover at my own pace. I very much appreciate the empathetic fabric of these three individuals whom I’ve worked with over many years. Not everyone can say that about their employer.

3. I work with a stellar team

 As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’ve worked and continue to work alongside amazing folks here, all with the understanding of providing A+ service to our customers, giving them the best care possible. It’s inspiring to work with colleagues who share a united goal and enjoy working with one another.

Here’s my heart & soul at PTL: an amazing Customer Service team. This group of dynamic team members support the laboratory by:

  • working directly with our customers to discuss their needs, our capabilities, and issue price quotes,
  • properly setting up new client accounts for a smooth onboarding customer experience,
  • processing incoming sample orders so they are logged into our system and ready for analysis in lab,
  • writing all laboratory reports as a support for the laboratory staff,
  • issuing all laboratory reports, and
  • invoicing all accounts.

A few days after my surgery, when I really “woke up” and was cognizant of what I’d been through, my heart dropped worrying about my team knowing I wouldn’t be returning for some time. At the same time, I also knew “everything would be fine.” I work with a team of dedicated, critical-thinking, and caring individuals who I knew would fill the gaps as much as they could while I was on leave. And that’s exactly what happened. They went into overdrive and worked hard to keep our processes running as normal as possible, so there was no external deficit for our clients. I am proud to work with each of these Customer Service team members, as they continue to make our department stronger to serve our clients as best as possible.

Simply a Great Place to Work. 

Everyone should be so lucky as to find a “work home”—where you feel a true sense of belonging. I hope you have this or will find your place soon. It’s definitely worth it. Thank you, Particle Technology Labs. And, thank you PTL clients! You too make every day interesting and fulfilling.

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By Kelli Hubert, Customer Service Manager

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